Coastal Blue Media serves the Greater Vancouver Area as well as the Sunshine Coast. We specialize in working with small business and non-profits. Ready to talk about how we can help your business? Contact us today!

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What is a brand?

Just as scents and sounds can trigger a memory so too can a brand. Your brand speaks for you. The question is does it say the right things? A brand is more than a name…it is the sum total of a consumer’s experiences with a recognizable product or service – and it is powerful! Good branding is valuable to a company. Likewise, bad and/or ineffective branding can be equally costly! With Coastal Blue Media our business is branding!

Having A Plan Feels Good

Coastal Blue Media is your outsourced solution for graphic design problems.
With over 10 years of experience in Graphic Design, Print Design, Digital Design, Photography and Web Design, we have honed our skills, so we can effectively support yours!
Contact us today to discover the cost savings that come from working with a professional graphic designer and get the job done right.


The starting point for full company branding, is the process of logo design. Conceptual and creative we design innovative brand solutions for every business. You only have one chance to make a first impression and our thoughtful design evokes so much more than just a pleasing aesthetic.

  • Brainstorming
  • Creative Brief
  • Design Direction
  • Development
  • Revision

A key component to full company branding is having a cohesive image across all communication platforms; both internal and external. Solidify your brand with matching print material. From business cards to stationery, Custom Flyers to advertising postcards, harness every opportunity to build brand awareness.

  • Brainstorming
  • Creative Brief
  • Design Direction
  • Development
  • Revision

There is no questioning the impact and importance of Social Media on a business. Ensure your Socials are stellar! Complete your full company branding with matching branded graphics custom designed for your social media platforms and digital presence; facebook, instagram, twitter...

  • Brainstorming
  • Creative Brief
  • Design Direction
  • Development
  • Revision

Validate your business and solidify your brand with a web presence. With an effective website you can reach more customers, drive sales, build awareness, or simply tell the world you are here! What ever your business ensure your full company branding plan includes the creation of a custom web site.

  • Brainstorming
  • Creative Brief
  • Design Direction
  • Development
  • Revision

Logos ~ Brand Identity ~ Re-brand

Weather its a logo design, a full brand identity, or a re-brand we design innovative brand solutions for every business.

The Logo - the core of the brand!

If you take your own business image seriously they will believe you take your clients seriously!

Print Materials

We custom design your message to reach your target market.

Business Stationery; Letterhead, Business Cards, Custom Forms, Invoices
Menus, Coupons, Spec Sheets, Announcements
Flyers, Brochures, Posters, Signs, Stickers, Labels, SWAG

Digitals & Socials

Repeat your message on Social Media and Digital Display. Harness the power of social media and push your brand!




Digital Displays


CMS Web Design

Imagine what could be conveyed with a website? ...find the customers that didn't know you existed and reach the customers you did know you could have!

Reach more customers than those in your physical area
Drive Sales
Build awareness of your brand and your service or product or cause

We chose the name Coastal Blue Media to represent endless possibilities.
Possibilities as big as the ocean! Possibilities that extend as far as the sky is blue!
We believe the name evokes inspiration and calm.
We visualize ourselves always Coastal Blue - its our happy place.

Our Workflow

We want our customers to dream big and experience great results supported by our Total Business Solutions Graphic Design!
As you can see consultation, review and discussion about our progress is a key part of each part or our design process.
We want our clients to be part of the dialogue.
Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Information Gathering

The background story & details about what the customer wants| Set Goals & Objectives for the project | Estimate the price and navigate the budget | Define the roles and responsibilities | Gather ideas and inspiration |


Research the business & its competition | Initial sketches or rough draft of ideas | Present Ideas | Discuss | Choose Direction | Organize All Content Available (Visuals/Images/Copy/Sounds/Icons...elements) | Identify the content that needs to be designed to complete project |

Creative Process

Design | Discuss | Set Preferences. Design | Discuss | Tweak. Design | Review & Approve | If its a website this is the time to build, build, build! Awesome take time...be patient

Final Product

Present | Review | Test | Review & Approve|

Reach Out!

Our mandate is to support small business success.
Allow us to tackle your graphic design needs while you focus on your business!
To us Graphic Design is about relationships…great client-designer relationships! If you have ideas or questions we want to help.  The truth is the path to exceptional design is found in the background story and the little details. These are what enable us to build the perfect logo or design for your business.
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What our customers have to say about us!

Karen Morgenstern

“Working with Erin Kellie has been such a pleasure. Her attention to detail and creative abilities along with strong professional attitude made our experience positive. I like how Erin took our concept for a book and walked us through the process from beginning editing to a final professional looking printed book. She offers suggestions and opinions in a respectful and considerate manner where you don’t feel pressured to change how you think your project should look. I appreciated how Erin followed through in a timely manner and was readily available to answer questions. I would highly recommend working with Erin in any of your creative endeavors.”

Scott Davis

"The main purpose for any reference is to answer the question – would I work with Erin again?. Yes, because Erin has collaborated with me on several projects each one challenged her graphic design and technical skills with good results. I expect the best and receive it. I encourage you to work with Erin and see for yourself."

Melissa Tripp
Director, Ways and Means - Sunshine Coast Minor Hockey

“We would like to thank Erin Kellie for her wonderful work on our new logo. Erin was very easy to work with and produced a logo that has gotten rave reviews. We were very happy with her service and would recommend her to anyone for all design needs.”